The extent of my genius will sadly only be understood once I am gone. All the only fans girls and suckers out there driving bolt cars for the man feeding the algorithm will one day be awakened like Vision as sleeper cells who choose to fight the way I have. Only a few things bug me now that I am writing this knowing I will be in the afterlife: One is missing the Marvel's Eternals and the possibility of someone new stepping in to lead the Avengers instead of Tony Stark, I believe it should be Ikaris but the haters will probably not let that happen and have to make it some GIRL. The second thing is I really wish I could see Wandavision season 2 with baby Vision as that storyline intrigued me most in the series, alas such things will not come to pass. To that waitress at the BJs Brewhouse who told me I was a "cutie" that time I wish for you to have a long and happy life and hopefully settle down with a good man, I briefly thought maybe I could be that for you but we were just two ships passing in the night, as they say. The canary in the coal mine, as they say, of this world collapsing and forcing me to display my genius was the Hooters of Burbank and Hooters of Hollywood closing for good thanks to PC culture and this Bidenocracy. Finally, I wish to thank everyone who helped shape my genius from the doomers, and druggiies in my B0lt to the onlyfans girls who ji[pped me all those times, they were MY wanda and now I present my VISION: enjoy.

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